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Build and Replace Your Trailer Bunks

May 22, 2012 / Simple Tips


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Boat trailers need to be maintain, as like anything else, over time its components begin to wear and need replacing. A great example of that is your trailer bunks, that usually need to be replaced every 5 or 6 years.

In some cases, your trailer bunks can be made of aluminum wrapped in carpet or some trailers that carry larger boats come with rollers rather than bunks. When it comes to fishing boats, most are made out of simple wood, 2 x 4s to be exact and wrapped in marine carpet. When it comes time to replace your trailer bunks, its actually a simple job and here are a few tips to help you along.

First, make sure you have all the supplies necessary to make the change, you will need; Pressure treated 2x4s, some kind of outdoor carpet, a waterproof adhesive, staple gun and staples, scissors to cut the carpet, a hammer, drill and drill bits and a ratchet set . You should be able to reuse the hardware that came with the trailer.

Assembly of new bunks:
Step 1: Measure and cut the 2x4s to the same size as the factory bunks.
Step 2: Lay each 2×4 down on the carpet you are using and leaving 2 or 3 inches on either side, cut the carpet for the size of the wood.
Step 3: Using the adhesive, apply a healthy amount to the one size of the 2×4 and even down the sides
Step 4: Pull one side of the carpet up and staple it to the 2×4. I like to start in the middle and work my way out to the left then the right.
Step 5: Flip the board around and starting in the middle, pull the carpet tight and staple it twice holding it in place. Again move left and let right, make sure to pull the carpet tight before stapling.
Step 6: I like to go around the board again with another round of staples, ensure the carpet is secure.
Step 7: Using the hammer, go around and pound down the staples, just in case they aren’t completely in place.
Step 8: Repeat

Step 1: Remove one bunk at a time, line up the new bunk with the trailer brackets and pre-drill a small pilot hole. The only reason for the pile hole is to make it a little easier on you when getting the self taping screw started.
Step 2: With the ratchet, start at either the front or back, screw in one end snug, then the other end, then the middle and go back and tighten all screws up.
Step 3: Repeat

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