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DUO Realis

March 4, 2012 / Tackle


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Never before have I come across a tackle line up, where the hype is so big!  Recently arriving to North America and Mexico, DUO International has made major strides with its Realis line of products.  Originating in Japan more than 15 years ago, DUO has perfected what it means to create a handcrafted hard bodied bait, as ALL of the products in the DUO line up are made from hand carved molds.  What is actually quite unbelievable is how PERFECT these designs and finishes actually are!

If you throw a lipless crankbait, you are always looking for the newest design.  DUO’s Vibration68 model is one of the tightest looking lipless cranks I have seen or thrown.  Everything down to the 3D, realistic eyes, textured body and gill plate has been precisely added  to create an aerodynamic lipless crankbait that will tear through the air when casted and through cover when cranked, like no one’s business.  The flat nose and square back of this crank will ensure that it always runs true and will deflect off cover with ease.  The most impressive aspect of the Vibration68 is probably its overall weight and rattle chamber.  As one of the nosiest lipless hardbaits I’ve used, it tips the scales at 1 ounce and this sinking lipless crankbait can be jigged or cranked hard and fast back to the boat, without it losing its balance underwater. The Realis Vibration68 is one of those baits you need to have in your hand to really appreciate all of the thought that has gone into this bait.

Looking to the diving side of the Realis family, the Flastside54SR and the Crank48SR, bolster the same beautiful design features that all in the Realis line have, with the exception of their SUPER strong lip that will get these two wakebait style hard baits down about 8″ – 1 foot.  Both the Flatside54SR and the Crank48SR have a very unique wobble and unlike some baits that just wobble side to side, both of these hard baits almost roll on their sides and if they are retrieved faster, it creates even more movement underwater.

The Realis line up offers a product for every situation, as DUO also has a sinking prop bait, a topwater pencil bait and two jerkbaits, which finishes off their line up of Realis baits.

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