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DUO SpinBait80

February 5, 2013 / Tackle

DUO Spin Bait 80 imgIf you are looking for “the next big thing”, try throwing a sinking prop bait.  The North American market is used to seeing those props tear up the surface on a calm day, but taking the props sub-surface could be the way to go.

The DUO SpinBait80 is a sinking prop bait and offers a new way to create reaction strikes.  It’s propellers on the front and rear of the bait offers something extra that the fish don’t see in a jerkbait and can be fished at different depths.  A heavier bait, the SpinBait80 can be launched, covering a ton of water with each cast.  Once you have tied on the SpinBait80 and before casting, we recommend you drop the bait in the water and count as the lure sinks.  This will give you a better idea of how fast the bait sinks, so when you do begin casting, you will have a better understanding of the depths you are fishing.

DUO Spin Bait 80 diagram

The SpinBait80 comes in a variety of colors and can be fished many different ways.  If you find you are fishing a lake that is heavily pressured by jerkbaits or crankbaits, tie on a SpinBait80 and show the fish something they have never seen before.

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