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Floatback lures with Brandon Card

January 18, 2013 / Tackle

Floatback lures - Brandon Card feature imageRaise your hand if you have ever walked into a tackle store searching for something different or unique? Just about everyone, right?  Well, here’s one for all the anglers searching for that next leg up on the competition, Floatback lures.

Originating in 2010 in South Africa, Floatback lauched their products in October of 2012 and the feedback from the fishing community was nothing but positive.  The concept of the Floatback is just that, to “Floatback” if you get hung up on rocks, wood or anything else that wants to eat your crankbait for breakfast.  “One of the advantages of a Floatback crankbait”, explains B.A.S.S Elite Pro Brandon Card, “Is the ability to simply pull the bait free of its hooks, allowing it to slide up your line and this eliminates breaking off your crankbaits.”

Floatback lures - Brandon Card img2The difference between the Floatback and a regular crankbait is mainly the hooks.  The hooks are not attached via split rings to the body of the crankbait, rather rigged in a way that they are only clipped to the crankbait through a unique rigging system that Floatback calls “Hook Injection”.  “The biggest advantage that I have found so far with this unique hook system”, says Card, “Is the fact that the fish can no longer use the weight of the crankbait as leverage to throw the hooks.  When you hook up on a fish, the crankbait body actually slides up your line and rather than a traditional crankbait standing the chance of losing a fish, this now creates more opportunities to actually double hook the fish and lose less.”

Floatback lures - Brandon Card img3With so many crankbaits available on the market now, the baits “wobble” is also something that is either described usually as a tight or wide wobble and Card has noticed a completely different action put out by the Floatback.  “Most crankbaits have a wide wobble, but the Floatback has a tight one, which is good for high pressure lakes and it’ll hunt to the left and right.  So rather than it just tightly wobbling straight, it will kick out to the left or right changing how the bait is swimming.  This change in the retrieve is something anglers try to create themselves with jerks and pauses, but the Floatback will naturally do it.

Floatback lures - Brandon Card img1Fact of the matter is, bass take cover near rocks, wood, grass and wait to ambush their pray.  Since the being of crankbaiting time, we’ve had to go where not lure has gone before and get down and dirty with tough cover and structure.  As the old saying goes, “If you aren’t losing a crankbait or two, you aren’t in the right spot”, but with the birth of this new design, the Floatback crankbait will allow anglers to retrieve their crankbaits and continue on fishing.

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