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Ford F150 Ecoboost Towing capabilities

February 23, 2012 / Towing

Ford Eco Boost Engine Review

If you have a boat, then I’m guessing you have a tow vehicle…but what are you towing it with? With Gas prices shooting up through the roof and by the sounds of it, will only continue to climb, we look to cut back in certain areas or save in others. What about your fuel economy? If you are still running an older pickup or SUV, you may want to consider test driving the new Ford F150 with the Ecoboost engine. Although I do not own one, I have been a passenger and driven them myself.

Comfort and styling aside, what can it do for towing? Well, I decide to search the web and find a couple RAW testimonials from F150 owners who tow and like ANYTHING, there is a mixed bag of reviews:

“The Eco just BLOWS away any other gas powered tow vehicle I’ve towed with and is on even par with diesel’s. The power band is almost perfect shifts firm but smooth. Absolutely no concerns merging onto the freeway almost like the trailer wasn’t hooked up.Set the cruise control 65 mph and got 14.8 mpg on the freeway for 250 miles +/- 5 road degree grade.Backroad towing 25-65 mph stop and go stuff 14 mpg. Very little heavy acceleration just normal driving. Had one major hill to go up load semis go up this baby with flashers on at 20 mph the Eco pulled it without a problem @ 60 mph.

Overall I’m very happy with the truck and that’s coming from a guy using a ford to pull a chevy,now I can be first to the track and more importantly be first on the track.”

Ford Ecoboost Engine review“We drove several new 2011 Ford Eco Boost trucks today, amazing, seemed just like a quiet 7.3 F250 we use to have, sort of. Ready to order 2 trucks but then a, “little surprise”. I couldn’t believe the fact that Ford markets the New F150 Ecoboost V6 Truck as a “Tow” Vehicle capable of towing 11,300lbs, great BUT allows some “design-engineer -marketing team” to put the “smallest 26 gallon” fuel tank available on this vehicle. We were set to purchase 2 trucks, when I found that was the case, I stopped the purchase. Its simple when you tow, you consume more fuel, therefore you need a larger fuel tank capacity, just like the 36 gal tank Ford puts on all the rest of the F150 trucks!

I suppose someone just liked the “PAYLOAD” numbers, more so than customer convenience.

I’ve been a very loyal Ford customer and stock holder for many years, but this is a joke, the smallest fuel tank, on a truck which can tow the most!!!, though I’m NOT laughing.

Now I realize this is my first post, and some may not appreciate the facts. But we were upset to be advised we could not get an F150 Eco Boost with all that impressive torque, designed for towing with a fuel tank designed for towing as well. I’m certain this was a marketing decision, but gee wiz, this is not rocket science! Later today i read an article from another website who did a test drive and review of the F150 with both the Eco Boost and 5.0 engines, it mentioned if they hadn’t had a spare 2 gallon tank of gas, they would have ran out of fuel on the towing Eco Boost test truck.

I’m happy Ford is doing so well and certainly would like to purchase more of their vehicles soon, but please don’t shortchange the needs of your customers. Thank you.”

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