Angler’s Choice – Started from the bottom

If it were easy, everyone would do it!

The soft plastics segment could be the most competitive and cut throat segment in the fishing industry.  Asides from the giant companies who control the market, the independent hand-pour companies try to carve out a piece of the pie, but it’s not as easy as you might think.

Angler’s Choice started in 2009 in Wallaceburg, ON.  When you think start up fishing company, this would be the definition of that.  Piece by piece the company was assembled and they began designing and pouring soft plastic baits for freshwater anglers.

Today, Angler’s Choice is now available in 50+ fishing retailers including the online giant, Tackle Warehouse and continues to grow in popularity across Canada, US and the World.

Angler’s Choice offers a variety of soft plastic baits for bass and walleye anglers including, the Sniper Shad, the popular Kill Shot and the All NEW 4.0 Cross Hair dropshot bait.

Look for Angler’s Choice Hand made soft plastic baits in a tackle retailer near you, or click here.