Black Friday – Humbled


It’s amazing how quickly events, regardless of their size, come and go in the blink of an eye!  Leading up to Black Friday was definitely 2 or 3 of the busiest weeks I’ve had to manage this year.  On the outside, Rahfish is an apparel brand and we sell clothing.  But, behind the scenes is a completely different story.

Since we manufacturer as much as we can locally to help support small businesses, it requires A LOT of organization of details that can not be missed.  For example; Designing, ordering and sewing on hat patches, screen printing, tweaking hoodies with patches and draw strings, tagging every product, promoting, creating artwork etc. are all aspects that a lot of people don’t see.  And man, is it ever busy! WOW!

The end result though; interacting with all of you on Black Friday about the product and the brand that YOU have helped to grow.  This brand started with a few promo hats, but since has changed and morphed into what you see you today.  Rahfish is a team effort and if you have ever purchased anything Rahfish, shared a posted, told a friend or stuck a decal on your vehicle, you are part of this team.  Without you, it would impossible to keep Rahfish pumping out new fresh threads that can be worn on or off the water.

Now that the day is coming to an end, I finally get to kick back with a brew in my hand and reminisce.  Black Friday was a success and product aside, the most humbling thing that I saw today, was the amount of people across North America who care. I can’t tell you how many people took the time out of their day to share, post and spread the word about Rahfish.  It truly is damn awesome to see everyone working together because they care…I’m speechless.

2017 is around the corner, but 2016 isn’t over yet!  Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date with what’s next with Rahfish.

A big thank you to our field staff for all that they did for the brand over the last couple of days.  And a shoutout to all of you who purchased something from the Rah Shop and supported the brand today!  I appreciate it more than you know!


See you on the water..or on social 😉

Tim Hine
Instagram – @Tim_Hine
Owner / Founder