Bomb Shotting: Targeting Shallow Feeding Smallmouth

bomb shotting for smallmouth bassOften times smallmouth fishermen find themselves in the shallowest water, not knowing what lies ahead.  On certain lakes around North America, shallow flats with ultra clear water hold some of the biggest smallmouth but these skinny water fish are different.  Unlike sight fishing for largemouth, in most cases these smallmouth bass can’t be caught in tight.

The clear, shallow water may be a fish holding paradise, but sight fishing is not an option.  Slightly tweaking the deep water art of drop shotting allows us to target these shallow fish without spooking them anymore than they already are.

Bomb Shotting is the perfect technique when you find yourself in these conditions, as the fish won’t see you coming.  When we drop shot in deeper water, we’ll use 8 – 12lb fluorocarbon line and a drop shot weight anywhere from 3/8 – 1oz, all depending on the conditions you are fishing.  With Bomb Shotting, you are more than likely targeting fish in less than 5 feet.  Reducing the weight size to 1/4oz or less, dropping down to 6lb fluorocarbon and even shortening the lead between your hook and your weight will all be key.

The technique is simple, cast as far as you can and wait for the fish to swim up on your drop shot bait.  These fish are spooky, so don’t waste your time trying to sight fish them.  Most of these ultra shallow water flats are feeding grounds and the fish will move up to feed at different times of the day.  Your patience will be tested and you will need to be at the peak of your game, because the fish on these feeding grounds will only turn on for a short period of time throughout the day.

In an age where popular water gets pounded, trying new techniques or tweaking old ones can get you more bites, and sometimes the biggest.