Gearing up for Fall 2016

Rahfish apparel

Gearing up for Fall 2016

There is never a dull moment at the Rah Shop!

It’s already mid August, which means Fall is only a few months away.  With a new season comes additions to our current collection of Rahfish apparel!  We are jacked to take pen from paper to production, which will be any day now!

The wheels have been turning for months, and the team has been working on new designs and new style trends for the outdoor industry for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.  These new designs we have been working on are inspired by skate/snowboard brands, and we even looked at some of our previous designs and the colors used for the new apparel.

Some of our main focuses for the Fall/Winter line up; a shake up of our hoodie selection.  We are looking to bring in new custom zip hoodies, pieced together in house, that you can confidently wear outside of just a day of fishing. Our hats are always a big focus for us and you can count on some new fresh additions!  Although we are keeping the headwear additions tight lipped, we can tell you that you will see a; 5 panel fly fishing hat, new trucker hats, a new flatbill and later on in the winter, a new puff embroidered logo!

With new additions come some subtractions.  Gone is the red Big R 210, the maroon Small R full back, the green Small R full back and 1 or 2 colors in the Sonic Fly trucker hats.  The Big R appliqué hoodies are also scheduled to take a back seat this winter.  Although some of you may be bummed to see some designs come and go, it’s what makes our brand current, fresh and it also keeps some of our designs exclusive over the years.

The third quarter of 2016 has been busy and is flying by fast.  We anticipate Q4 for to be even busier with the new additions coming, the holiday season and getting ready for show season come February 2017.

Summer isn’t over yet, so let’s not wish it way!  There are lots of fish to be caught and pictures to be posted!  Follow us on Instagram to stay in touch with Rahfish.

Dates To Look Forward To

Sept 10/11 – Rah Mania 3 in Honey Harbour, Georgian bay an invitational tournament which helps promote our partners on social media

Nov 25 – Black Friday – *Fist Pump*

Dec 1 – Rahmas giveaway recaping 2016


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