It’s hoodie season again! And our hoodies are dropping next week!

While some of you shed a tear, others welcome the cooler temps, hungry fish and winter weather!

We have been working vigorously for the past 3 months with our team to bring you a new level of Rahfish.  It’s a hell of a lot of work, but we know you appreciate it and only want the best!

Moving into 2018, we will continue to offer our staple designs, however our newest to the collection we feel are grass roots fishing.  We wanted to bring it back to where it started for ALL of us, fishing…and the outdoors.  These new additions offer something for every angler, and you can be confident that wearing our gear outside of fishing is STILL atop our priority list!

Like in the past, all of our products have been touched, tweaked or handled in house.  You can be sure when you invest in Rahfish, you aren’t just buying a tee, or a hat, or a hoodie.  You are supporting a brand, a family a local group of anglers who pour their heart and soul into every sketch, every stitch and every sleepless night, so you can proudly rep a brand that you can appreciate!

Looking ahead, our hoodie collection is set to drop by Mid October 2017.  Our newest additions to our headwear collection will follow shortly after.

Be sure to check back on for the newest additions, or connect with us on social for announcements and posts as we move closer to the holiday season!

As always, your support is more appreciated than you know!

Tight lines,

Tim Hine
Owner /Founder