ICast 2016 – It was Rah!

Whether you have a start up fishing business, a blog, a YouTube channel, or an apparel brand like everyone else ūüėČ ICast is where it’s at! Period! ¬†If you dabble in the biz, you need to be there. ¬†Sure, ICast is where manufacturers unveil the last and greatest in fishing tackle, but what ICast is truly about is networking with industry peeps.

Every year we hit up ICast we catch up with familiar faces, as well as we meet some new ones. ¬†Hats off to the Pelagic crew for their booth and their bikini babes! Talk about drawing in a crowd! Well done…well done!

In all seriousness though, there were some surprises and disappointments. ¬†One of the more unique products at ICast this year was BaitCloud. ¬†The¬†BaitCloud‚ĄĘ brand is company owned and headquartered¬†in Canada with a manufacturing facility in Oakville, Ontario. What is BaitCloud? ¬†Well, by dropping BaitCloud into the water¬†you will create a physical and visual disturbance from surface to lake bed. The remaining scent cloud will linger long after the initial fizzing has stopped…It truly is a neat product and one we are sure you will see in retailers around North America this year!

Another product that caught the attention of most was the¬†Team Lew’s Custom Pro baitcaster. ¬†Lew’s does it again with another SOLID reel and since Rahfish is a huge fan of the Lew’s products, we were all over it.

Aside from product, we crashed the party for the networking. ¬†Some of our partners were there, as well as many INSTAGRAMMERS we interact with quite often! ¬†It’s amazing how much social media has really driven people to ICast.

With ICast 2016 in the books, we look forward to hitting up ICast 2017!