Social Media Pros – It’s easy to fake

social media pro staff

Social media…one way or another we are all involved.  You might prefer Facebook over Twitter or Instagram over Facebook, or maybe you are deeply involved in all three, as well as YouTube, Pinterest etc etc.  In our opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.  In fact, we can say that we have met some amazing individuals and partnered with various companies due to our social media ties.  With that said, we have written about the negatives of Social in the past and how it has really tarnished the title of “pro staff”.  Heck, we see it with our own brand.  People looking for pro staff deals who have no business asking.  Why? Because they want a discount off a hat?

15 – 20 years ago, when there was no social media or internet, those who made it in fishing industry spent countless hours promoting  themselves through travel, television, radio and trade shows.  The reason why there were so few “pros” back then, was simply due to the cost and time you needed to spend to build a brand.  The same can be said about lure companies, clothing brands etc.  Social media has made it easier for ANYONE to be a pro or start a business.

We came across an article published on outdoorlife.com, written by Tyler Freel, entitled: “Faking It: Social Media and the “Stolen Valor” of Hunting“.  Freel’s article is geared towards hunting, but truly applies to ANY industry that has been touched by social media…especially fishing.

The pro staff requests are now out of control! Unless you have truly spent time and can legitimately offer value to a company, other than posting a picture on your Instagram account that has 150 followers, don’t bother asking…not yet anyways.  We know that most people want to help and be a part of something, but don’t embarrass yourself.  Rather, spend time on your own personal brand…YOU.  Go fishing, go hunting, join clubs…make a name for yourself…JUST BE YOU.  Don’t worry about badges, logos, jerseys or sponsors.  If you work hard enough, you will be noticed!