Protecting you to the Core! Canadian Made!


With the increase in UV concerns, Rahfish is excited to announce that we now offer UV Shirts!

Having spent countless hours in research and development, we have brought to market the ultimate in UV protection.  Our line of UV Core shirts.

With the focus being sun protection and your health, the technology of our UV Core shirts block out 97% of UVA and 98% UVB, and has an extremely high UPF rating of 63!  Which will stand against any other UV shirt in the industry.

Another focus we had in mind during the manufacturing process, was the environment.  All dyes used on our UV Core shirts are water based and virtually harmless to our environment.  Also, all of the dye paper used is recycled or reused as well!RAHFISH UV SHIRTBeing a Canadian based company, we felt it was important to work with a Canadian based manufacturing company, who understood our needs and what we were looking to accomplish.  We are proud to share that our UV Core shirts are 100% made in Canada!  Rest assured that when you purchase this product, you are supporting Canadian businesses, families and you are receiving a product that is nothing short of premium quality!

The fit of our UV Core shirts is a slim fit, which lines up with our casual collection of tees and hoodies.  The material used is lightweight and extremely breathable, which is ideal for hot summer days on the water.

Our initial launch pattern is our patent pending Freshwater Camo design.  It is available in 3 colours;  Teal, Dark Purple and Light Grey.  Take a closer look here.