Retailers Lookin Fresh!

RAHFISH RETAIL SPACERetailers Lookin Fresh!

The past couple of years we have really worked towards bringing our collection to more retail spaces.  In doing so, we have also worked closely with a few of our staple locations to make your shopping experience better!

Recently, Gagnon Sports in Oshawa, ON, Honey Harbour Boat Club in Honey Harbour, ON and The Bait Bucket in Barrie, ON, have all gone through Rahfish renos and upgraded their displays!  These upgrades have made shopping easier and more enjoyable…your Rahfish experience is that much better!

With our focus being on retail expansion, we are actively looking for new retailers to take on our brand and experience the excitement of our brand.  We encourage our customers to be proactive in getting our brand to their local tackle shop.  We are confident there are some of you who wouldn’t mind our brand in your town 😉

Bait Bucket wall