Toronto Sportsmen’s Show reaches a new level

2017 Toronto Sportsmens show

Being a fishing brand, you would think that we are about to enter our busy season…believe it or not, it’s quite the opposite!  Although entrenched in the fishing business, we still reside in the apparel industry and for us, we are coming to the end of what was a very busy season!

Heading into fall and winter, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we kicked off with a Black Friday sale that really got the party started!  We shipped apparel all over Canada and the US, with a couple orders over seas!

Moving into the holiday season, your support did not stop, as many anglers around the continent received Rahfish gear from Santa for Christmas!  The jolly fat man himself walked away with some gear for his summer holidays 😉

Heading into the start of 2017, we were eyeball deep in prep work for the shows! And when we say deep, we mean DEEP!  What we were about to walk into something that none of us could have expected.  The brand had grown since the shows in 2016 and we were overwhelmed with your support and positive reviews about the Rahfish brand.  We have always focused on pushing out quality threads, but more importantly, we just want to make YOU happy!  By the sounds of your feedback, we are well on our way to accomplishing that!

The Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat Show was a great success for us!  We expanded on our real estate at the show and many of you appreciated that, as it gave you the opportunity to shop comfortably in our booth space.  Our booth featured a fresh new line up that included; Hats, Hoodies, Tees, Baseball shirts, Neckies and even sticker kits!  And man are we jacked to see all that new gear on the water this year!  Our Instagram account is going to be pumping with fresh new pics!

As we made our way to the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, which took place at the same place as the Toronto Spring Fishing and Boat Show, we literally raced around to get stocked back up!  We more than exceeded our goal at the Fishing Show, which means reorders were needed!

2017 was our second year at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, and with the success we had last year, again we decided to expand our real estate with a space that was more than 4 times what we had last year, and again…it paid off!  There was a moment on the Saturday of the show, where we stepped back and really appreciated the shear number of customers in our booth.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe how far this brand has come since 2011, but thanks to your support and the demand for a fresh fishing apparel brand, here we are today!

We finished off the show season with a quick visit to Lindsay, ON, as we attended the Kawartha Sportsmen Show.  This was a smaller show and only in its second year, but the guests who came to see Rahfish really appreciated the opportunity to see the products in person.

Now that the show dust has settled, we look ahead to a 2017 season full of connecting with all of you on social, building our relationships with the great retailers who carry our brand, and coming up with some fresh ideas that YOU have asked for!  We have some really rad ideas that have spawned from your suggestions, so make sure to stay tuned on that!

The apparel industry is a grind, with long days and a ton of hard work.  You have helped us lay a solid foundation for the future and we plan to build on that in leaps and bounds!

Looking forward to connecting with you on social!

Cheers – @Tim_Hine