Originating in Ontario, Canada as an educational content resource, Rahfish.com launched in 2011 with a vision to bring new and exciting fishing articles to you, fresh from the net!

By 2013, our writers had completed over 500+ how to, product reviews and interviews, but it still wasn’t enough.  When we took to social media, our loyal readers continued to keep a close connection with us and began to request Rahfish apparel.  At first, we offered promotional hats and t-shirts but the brand grew to something that we never expected.

To date, Rahfish now offers a full line of outdoor apparel, but we are not your average outdoor clothing company!  We offer a brand that can truly be worn on or off the water, and can be worn in style.  Our designs stay true to our roots and offers an independent and urban feel to anglers around the world.

Keepin’ It Canuck

We believe in supporting local!  That is why we aim to keep our manufacturing local and supporting other small businesses for as long as possible.  All of our embroidery, embroidered patches, screen printing on our tees and hoodies, decals, cards and hang tags are all designed and made by local businesses!  All of our hat patches are heat sealed and sewn in house, to ensure you are getting a quality finished product.  Much of the folding, bagging, tagging and other miscellaneous tasks are also completed in house.

What’s Ahead with Rah

As we sprint into 2019, you can expect Rahfish to continue to support local events, such as; fund raisers, charities, tournaments, youth movements and of course…our fisheries!  As you continue to support us, we continue to support the above mentioned.  All of this would not be possible without YOUR support!  Let’s keep it up and make fishing an amazing experience for everyone!

Having released the majority of our 2019 collection, you can find our newest products arriving at a tackle store, resort or marina near you in the coming weeks!  We also have plans to release a selection of Summer products that will fall in line with everything else you have come to love about Rah!